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Caroline Simard, avocate à Gatineau

About us

Our values

My team is guided by a set of values that constitute the pillars of the office. All lawyers and employees in my firm must adhere to these values.

Service Quality

For all mandates, we promise you quality services. A lawyer cannot guarantee results, especially in court. However, we promise to do whatever is necessary to help achieve the desired result.


We always provide our clients with a clear picture, even if the answer is not the one that was desired. Although the law is not an exact science, we try to explain in plain language the strengths, weaknesses, and chances of success of your case so that you can make an informed decision.


The client is entitled to all information and documentation regarding his file, which belongs to him. Our professional fees are detailed and we provide all the information necessary for their understanding. Also, the client should expect to be involved in the strategic decisions involved in his case.


We will process your records in a timely manner. Also, we try to respond as quickly as possible to telephone calls and emails.

Practical Solutions

Sometimes the legal solution to a problem is not adapted to the reality for various reasons. For example, the cost of litigation can be disproportionate to the pursued objective. Similarly, a settlement can be profitable even if your chances of winning in court are excellent. We are committed to go beyond legal solutions by identifying practical solutions that apply to your unique case.

Giving back

Giving back is of primary importance to us. To this effect, we hire interns and students each year, we give courses to future lawyers and we deem important to become involved socially, in social organizations, among others.

Sustainable Development

The practice of law involves a significant use of paper and that is why we strive to adopt progressive and environmentally-sound practices. Our records are systematically scanned and we use the available technology to reduce our environmental footprint.