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Happy Holidays!

Category: Other

The entire team at Caroline Simard, lawyer, wishes you a holiday season filled with health, rest and the great outdoors. Please note that the office will be closed from December 20, 2021 to January 5, 2022. We look forward to…

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Insurance: deceits or false statement?

Category: Insurance Law

The Civil Code of Quebec provides a general obligation for the insured to always cooperate with his insurer, particularly during the post-loss investigation. This often means that the insured must repeatedly explain the circumstances surrounding the loss : the initial…

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Undivided co-ownership

Category: Business Law, Civil Law, Real Estate Law

When people say they are co-owners of a property, without knowing it, they are referring to undivided co-ownership, as opposed to divided co-ownership. In practice, being in an undivided co-ownership almost always presupposes a close relationship between the co-owners. These…

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Insurance: What are Your Rights and Duties?

Category: Insurance Law

It is an understatement to say that insurance is part of our lives. Life insurance, disability insurance, home insurance, automobile insurance and third-party insurance—they are all part of a major economic activity that gives peace of mind to policy holders,…

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Key Neighbourhood Issues

Category: Real Estate Law

Two-thirds of Canadians own a building, whether it is a house, a condo, a chalet, a farm, etc. Real estate is an area where it is relatively safe to invest, because of its stability and tangibility, as opposed to the…

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