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Receiving legal documents other than by bailiff

February 5, 2018

Any legal remedy begins with the filing in court of a document called the statement of claim. In principle, this document must then be served by bailiff on the other party, or on each of them if there are more than one.

However, you can be properly sued without a charming visit from the bailiff.

For example, if you live in a remote area and no bailiff has his office within a radius of 75 km, the other party is free to send you the statement of claim by registered mail, without further formality. 

It is also possible that your meeting the bailiff is simply not meant to happen and that every time they knock on your door, you are away. In that case, the bailiff can give the document to someone living with you or even, if no one is available, leave it in the mailbox or in another suitable place.

Contact us upon receipt of a legal claim, we can help you through this legal process!