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Construction Law


Construction Law

Construction law includes everything relating to the construction or renovation of a building: construction contracts, contract denunciation, legal mortgages, RBQ licence, CCQ, quotes, guarantees, hidden defects.

With which type of case can you consult us?

  • The contractor you have hired to renovate your roof does not work in accordance with best practice guidelines;
  • Water is seeping into the basement of your new residence, do you have any recourse against your seller;
  • The general contractor refuses to pay you for the work you’ve done as a specialized contractor on a construction site;
  • As a contractor, what are the conditions to publish a legal hypothec on the immovable of a client who refuses to pay you VS As a client, how to have this hypothec cancelled;
  • Are you protected from any future claims for hidden defects if you sell your home without legal warranty;
  • You bid on a call for tenders to obtain a contract with a municipality and the bid of the first bidder is non-compliant;
  • Etc.

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