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Civil Law


Civil Law

Civil law is a branch of private law governing relations between individuals or legal entities. Some common examples of situations in which using a lawyer can be invaluable are damage action issues, human rights issues, contractual liability issues or when drafting contracts between individuals, estate management and protective supervision for persons of full age.

With which type of case can you consult us?

  • Your neighbour has built part of his garage on your property;
  • The tractor, vehicle, food processor, refrigerator,… that you bought has a mechanical failure, do you have recourse against your seller and the manufacturer;
  • The neighbor’s tree damages your roof and the roots have pierced your French drain;
  • Your tenant has left the premises with all his belongings, can you sell them;
  • You purchased an annual membership at a gym, signed a contract for snow removal from your driveway or landscaping of your yard, purchased a new pool to be installed soon, can you change or cancel the contract;
  • The developer has raised his lot at the back of your property and the runoff water is flooding your lot;
  • Etc.

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