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Municipal Law


Municipal Law

Municipal law includes all situations relating to the rights and obligations of a municipality, a metropolitan area, regional county municipality (RCM) or other municipal body, such as display issues, real estate development, demolition, acquired rights, expropriation, floods and sewer backups, permits, municipal liability, property taxes, urban planning, zoning, etc.

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  • The municipality refuses to issue you your construction permit, subdivision, business or other permits;
  • The city bypassed the referendum approval process to change zoning and thus allowed the establishment of a plant;
  • The municipality issued a statement of offence for work executed in the riparian strip and requests to produce a renaturalization plan;
  • Your property has experienced a sewer backup due to a blockage in the city’s sanitary system;
  • The city informs you that the zoning for your site does not allow you to build a commercial building;
  • The municipal by-law no longer allows you to operate your auto body repair business even though you have been in business for over 20 years at this location, are you in acquired right;

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