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The lawyer’s role has evolved in recent decades. A lawyer no longer spends most of their time in court. They have become a valuable advisor, a solutions expert guided by the interests of their client.

In most cases, people consult a lawyer when faced with a conflict or a problematic situation from which they don’t know how to escape. We are here to help you resolve a conflict or situation in your interest.

However, it is important to understand that the role of a lawyer is not only curative, but also preventive.

In many situations, consulting with a lawyer ahead of, for example, signing a contract, can avoid disastrous consequences. We therefore strongly suggest that our clients consult with us prior to entering into any business negotiations, to maximize the chances that this situation is profitable.

With which type of case can you consult us?

  • Your neighbour has built part of his garage on your property;
  • Water is seeping into the basement of your new residence;
  • The municipality refuses to issue you your construction permit, they bypass the referendum approval process to change zoning, they issued a statement of offence for work executed in the riparian strip, or your property experienced a sewer backup;
  • The contractor you have hired to renovate your roof does not work in accordance with best practice guidelines;
  • A customer refuses or neglects to pay you for several months;
  • Your income has changed: the amount of alimony you have to pay is too high, or the alimony payment you receive is insufficient;
  • You have received a formal notice demanding a sum of money or requiring that you cease a particular use of your lot, or to enforce marking the boundaries of your property, and you don’t know what to do;
  • The general contractor refuses to pay you for the work you’ve done as a specialized contractor on a construction site;
  • You must sign a contract and you want to make sure you know your rights and obligations;
  • You have separated from your common-law partner but can’t reach an agreement over child custody or division of property;
  • The municipality informs you that the zoning for your site does not allow you to build your commercial building;
  • The neighbour’s dog attacked you, you fell on a poorly maintained sidewalk, you had a horseback riding accident and you want to be compensated for your damages;
  • You have trouble enforcing a commercial contract; there are other solutions than going to court, such as retaining the services of an arbitrator;
  • Your insurer refuses to pay the compensations provided by your disability insurance policy.
  • Etc.