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Civil Liability


Civil Liability

Civil liability is closely related to the general duty of good conduct and to do no harm to others. Thus, when one fails in this duty and causes harm to others (damage, prejudice), one is bound to remedy the situation. The law of civil liability therefore includes any defamation situation, personal injury, material and moral damages, insurance law, medical malpractice, professional liability, personal liability, vicarious liability and property responsibility.

With which type of case can you consult us?

  • Your dog was attacked by another dog and is seriously injured, who should pay for the veterinary care;
  • Your teen is being harassed and defamed at school and on social media, can you legally help him;
  • You fell on a poorly maintained sidewalk, is the city responsible;
  • You fell at the ski center and were injured, whose fault is that;
  • The accountant has made several errors in your tax return, you are facing major claims, can he be held responsible;
  • Bricks broke off the wall of your building and injured a pedestrian, are you responsible;

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