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Insurance Law

Insurance law is the branch of law governing relations between policyholders and insurers for all type of insurance: car, home, public liability, life insurance or disability insurance. Insurance law include issues with the cancellation of an insurance policy, refusal to compensate by the insurer, the obligation of the insurer to take up the cause of the insured, the obligations and rights of the insured and the insurer, etc.

With which type of case can you consult us?

  • You are on disability and after 2 years, your insurer decides not to compensate you anymore because it considers you fit for another job, is he right;
  • Your house has been flooded and the insurer refuses to indemnify you, alleging the existence of an exclusion clause that was never brought to your attention;
  • Following the theft of your vehicle, you failed to declare a factual element to your insurer, can it refuse to compensate you for this reason;
  • A fire has broken out on one of the construction sites on which your company is performing subcontracted work. The owner of the building is suing all the contractors on the site, does your insurer have an obligation to take up your cause in the legal proceedings;

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