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Building a New House – Planning, licenses and permits

March 9, 2022

When building a new house, many people choose to deal directly with a contractor, while others may decide to take matters into their own hands and manage their own building site. Note that in either case, you need to be careful, follow the rules and have an informed eye on every step of the process.


First, when choosing your property, you must ensure that it can receive the building you have in mind. Some municipal or government regulations may prevent you from building what you plan, whether because of the lot size, the mass movement zones, flood zones, soil quality, etc.

Check the feasibility of your project with the municipality and with specialists (engineer, urbanist, biologist, surveyor, lawyer, etc.) before buying the land.


Your contractor must have a license from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) with the specific categories for the project. If you choose to do it yourself as a general contractor, you must obtain an owner-builder license. Contact the RBQ to verify the license of your contractor or to obtain yours.


Before starting construction of your new house, you must make sure you have all required permits: subdivision, construction, septic systems, wells, etc. There can be many required since even a shed requires a permit in several municipalities.

We can help you if difficulties arise in planning your project and in obtaining licenses and permits.